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Customized Smile Enhancement

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Customized Smile Enhancement

"Survey says: 37% of people notice your smile first, 33% notice your eyes."

We believe in imitating natural beauty. Today’s client prefers a smile that looks natural and undetectable. We have access to premier labs to create a blend of colors, contours, and shapes under our direction to give each patient their best smile. This approach is highly technical and involves criteria that our doctors understand because of their advanced training and experience in Cosmetic Dentistry and Facial Esthetics. Take the time to review and compare our credentials when making an important decision about your smile.

Our affiliation with the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry assures you that you are receiving the best and most up to date smile care. Our office participates in numerous educational events every year to bring you the most innovative techniques available. Dr. Bryan Springer is one of eight dentists in South Carolina, one in 370 dentists world-wide, that has achieved accreditation in Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Celeste Springer has passed the accreditation written exam and four of the five cases presented to the examiners. You can be assured the highest standards of smile design when under our care.

Liking your smile is important for so many reasons—we can help understand how best to help you if you will list what you would most like to change. Sometimes there are conservative fixes and at times the best solution is to proceed with a more dramatic protocol. Whichever way you decide to proceed, you can be assured it will be done to the highest standards.

“Physical Attractiveness of the face takes 5 things into account: Teeth 76%, Smile 75%, Lips 73%, Eyes 63%, and Nose 58%." Professor Gordon Patzer

Discoloration can be treated with in-office, at home whitening or a combination of the two. Esthetic veneers or crowns are sometimes the answer.

Crooked or Crowded Teeth are ideally returned to the optimal position with orthodontics. We offer Invisalign, Clear Correct, and the Inman Aligner to correct this issue. If you desire a faster solution and have other problems that you want to also correct then a smile makeover with veneer s or crowns is indicated. This can be completed in weeks and can last 15 or more years in many situations.

Worn Teeth occur with age and grinding or bruxing habits. Repositioning teeth with orthodontics can help by improving the bite and slowing down the process. The only long-lasting way to “ADD” back enamel is with ceramic veneers or crowns and then protecting them with a nightguard and perhaps using neuromodulators. Neuromodulators like Botox, Xeomin and Dysport can be painlessly injected into the jaw muscles to reduce the pressure on the teeth and musculature. Generally, dental bonding isn’t strong enough to stand up to the conditions that caused the tooth wear and will only last a brief amount of time. A nightguard is recommended if no treatment is done and also after treatment is done to protect the teeth and restorations.

Chipped Teeth occur from accidents or a poor bite. Naturally, if due to an accident, we can correct easily with dental bonding fillings or ceramic veneers/crowns as indicated and expect success for the long term. The bite issue has to be corrected to expect the same for the other cause. This could be done by an occlusal equilibration, orthodontics, or ceramic veneers/crowns or a combination of these.

Spaced Teeth may be the result of small teeth and a too large jaw. If this is the situation, dental bonding or ceramic veneers/crowns are a nice solution. Many times “Prep-less” veneers can be used in this situation offering a somewhat conservative solution.

Gummy Smiles have different causes that can be related to the lips, irregular jaw development or the eruption process. Depending on the etiology the traditional methods of treatment are orthodontics, periodontal (gum) surgery, or orthognathic surgery. Non-traditional treatments include using Neuromodulators like Botox, Xeomin, or Dysport that can be injected into the muscles of the upper lip making them relax and drop. And a lip repositioning surgery to keep the lip from rising as far when smiling can be done. Acceptable amounts of gum show is subjective, but most say 2-3 mm is the limit for an attractive smile. The good news is that a gummy smile makes you look younger!

“An enhanced smile has the psychological benefits of increasing self-confidence”

For those patients that decide to move forward with a Smile Makeover, we often do a Diagnostic Wax Up correcting the issues that they complain about and desire corrected. The patient is able to see in advance on a model how the teeth can be arranged before totally committed. Also, the new smile design is worn by the patient to “test drive” it. Any changes can be made at that time.

True smile design includes other features like facial shape, existing tooth color & size, age, lips, facial symmetry, and skin tone. We are able to address all of these with the patient so they are able to have their best smile.

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