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Dental Bonding & Filling

Dental Bonding/Fillings

Our office only places tooth colored (mercury free) composite fillings. Composite fillings are a mixture of glass or quartz filler in a resin medium that is sculpted into place and chemically bonded and hardened with a special light to the tooth. Composites blend in with your tooth shade, have good durability, are resistant to fracture, and allow for less tooth structure removal when the tooth is prepared as compared to metal amalgam fillings. The resin fillings are safe and sturdy enough to replace chipped front teeth and help repair damage when decay occurs in the back teeth.

We will advise you when a stronger ceramic restoration is needed such as a veneer, crown or onlay. When cusps or larger portions of your tooth are missing the bonding may not be enough to hold up to normal wear and tear. But in many cases, these tooth-colored fillings are ideal for those that appreciate the natural look of their smile. The downside of these is that the resin is porous and over time certain foods and liquids can stain the restorations, but a simple topical treatment, often without the need for anesthesia, can be done to correct surface stains without having to redo the entire restoration since the process is based on chemical bonding.

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